What is American Airlines Refund Policy and How to Get A Refund?

You must be prepared for travel plans to undergo changes. And when you are flying with American Airlines, stay relaxed. Thanks to American Airlines refund policy that refunds you whether you change or cancel your booking. So, you need not worry if your flight is delayed, an unannounced situation comes up, etc.
So, even if your flight booking changes or cancels, your ticket value will stay as is. With the smart AA policy for refund, you can get a full refund credited back to the original payment mode or a flight credits/ travel vouchers/ trip credits for the ticket value.
To know more about the AA refund approach, go through the following account.

What is The American Airlines Refund Policy?

To understand the policy that AA has devised to provide you a refund in various situations, go through the points mentioned below. These will also help you book your flight ticket accordingly and you will be prepared in case the unexpected happens.

    • According to American Airlines ticket refund policy, a complete refund will be credited automatically to your original payment mode if you cancel your flight tickets:
      • Within 24 hours of reservation, or
      • At least two days before departure
    • Basic economy tickets are non-refundable. However, if you cancel these tickets within the 24-hour window, the airline issues a refund on it.
    • American Airlines offers Flexible tickets that enable you to purchase a refundable ticket.
    • The airline doesn’t refund non-refundable tickets unless –
  • A flight schedule changes for more than 4 hours
  • Military orders impact a traveler’s trip
  • The passenger and/or traveling companion is no more.

Please note

  • In any of the situations mentioned above, you can get a refund as a travel credit.
  • As per American Airline Refund Policy, cancel the booking to start the refund process.
  • Submit the refund requests for every passenger individually in a record locator.

How to Get a Refund from American Airlines?

The times of booking and canceling your ticket with American Airlines are very important. AA refunds the amount of your ticket. However,  the booking service charges and other nonrefundable taxes are deducted from the total ticket value.

Now, let’s proceed to know how AA refund policy helps you with the refund process.

Online Refund Request Method

  • Visit prefunds.aa.com.
  • Scroll down to Request a Refund form.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the ticket number.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Check if your booking is eligible for American Airlines cancel flight refund through alternatives.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Enter your contact details as required.
  • Hit the Continue button.
  • Review your refund request details.
  • Select a Reason for Refund from the drop-down menu.
  • You can also add a reason in the comment box.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Attach documents to support your reason, if required.

American Refund Policy

Offline Refund Request Method

  • Dial the official contact number of AA, which is 800-433-7300.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • When a live customer service executive connects, request a refund.
  • Share the details required.
  • Pay an amount, if applicable.

Please note

  • The airline will send you a confirmation number to follow up on your refund request. You can also contact American Airlines to get your refund updates.
  • If you have booked your trip with a credit card, you get the American Airlines cancellation refund within 7 business days. You can also visit the website and check your refund request status.

What are AA Cancellation and Refund Options?

When you have to cancel or change your booking with the airline, there are a few options to get a refund on it. Take a look at those below –

Refund to original payment form

If you have made the booking with your credit card, the airline refunds the amount to it. For bookings made with a gift card or voucher, AA credits the ticket value to those.

Travel voucher

As per American Airlines Refund Policy, you can choose a travel voucher instead of a refund to your original payment mode. Later, when you want to book an AA trip, you can use this voucher.

Refund request

Check if your ticket can get a refund. If it is, fill out the online refund request form on AA’s website. You can also request a refund on call.

How to Know if Your American Airlines Ticket is Refundable?

If you purchase a flight ticket through the official website of American Airlines, you get the option to book a refundable ticket. Such tickets cost more than the nonrefundable ones.

Furthermore, you can confirm whether you have bought a refundable or nonrefundable ticket by:

  • Talking to an American Airlines executive at its Reservations number – 800-433-7300.
  • Checking your booking details on your American Airlines account for American Airlines cancellation, change, or refund for delay.
  • Scanning your booking confirmation email for the fine print

So, you can have a fairly good idea about the type of your ticket. This helps you be in a better position to claim and redeem your refund if required.

What are Other AA Refund Options?

Do you want to know of other alternatives that will help you get your money back on AA? Well, here are some smart options to get a money back from American Airlines –

Try it with travel insurance

  • You can buy insurance with your flight ticket booking.
  • However, you can save on the travel insurance price, thanks to credit cards that help cover the cost of insurance. Book your tickets with such credit cards and get insurance benefits.

Choose an additional coverage

  • Upgrade an additional coverage called Cancel For Any Reason policy.
  • Though expensive, it covers you for refunds with several reasons listed. You might find a reason that best describes your situation to get a refund.
  • Check, if you can get an American Airlines cancellation refund on it.

To know more, get in touch with a customer service executive of the airline.

What are American Airlines Flight Credits?

American Airlines issues three types of travel credits to its passengers. All these credits can be used to book a flight ticket in the future. Here are the travel credits types –

  • Flight credits

If you have canceled or unused tickets, AA will provide you with flight credits. According to the American Airlines ticket refund policy, these are valid only on paid flights within or between the U.S., Puerto Rico as well as U.S. Virgin Islands. You must use these credits within a year from the date of issue. Moreover, one passenger can use only one credit.

  • Travel vouchers

AA provides you with electronic or paper travel vouchers, which have a validity of one year from the date of issue. Each passenger can use up to eight credits. You have to visit AA’s travel credit hubpage to claim your credits.

  • Trip credits

Refunds and remaining value from flight credits are issued as trip credits, which are valid for a year from their date of issue. As per the American Airlines Refund Policy, you can use these credits to book flight tickets for domestic or international paid flights that fly from the U.S.

In Conclusion

That’s why, requesting a refund by AA is an easy task, provided you are well-prepared for it. With the ever-changing scenario that travel plans and restrictions go through, you have the refund flexibility for your convenience. So, to make the most of the American Airline Refund Policy, go for refundable tickets. Opt for nonrefundable flight tickets only when you are sure that you won’t have to request a refund. Therefore, plan well, book your flight tickets accordingly, and have a great journey with AA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my American Airlines flight and get a refund?

Yes, if you cancel your AA flight, the airline refunds you. However it depends on your travel class and ticket type.

What is the American Airlines refund policy for canceled flights?

If American Airlines cancels your flight, you can get a full refund or rebook another flight for free. Tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking or 2 days before departure also get a full refund.

How many days does American Airlines take to refund you?

American Airlines usually processes your refund in 7 days.

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