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Guatemala is a culturally rich country in Central America that presents several options to enthrall a keen vacationer. Take off on your dream vacation with American Airlines flights to Guatemala. The country satiates adventure lovers, beach enthusiasts, and holidaymakers looking for relaxed times. From colonial structures to Mayan ruins, you will find a great variety of hotspots here. You can also venture out to mountain lakes, coral reefs, active volcanoes, and cloud forests among other attractions. So, let’s begin with why Guatemala beckons you for a trip.

Why Book American Airlines Flights to Guatemala?

American Airlines offer direct flights to Guatemala. So, you are free from the hassle of hopping on connecting flights. Furthermore, AA provides you with an exceptional flight trip experience and that too at affordable rates. Enjoy in-flight features like entertainment, meals, and spacious legroom.

To Which Airports in Guatemala Does AA Offer Its Services?

AA is among the airlines that fly to Guatemala. It provides smooth connectivity to La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Guatemala?

You can save on the ticket fares when you choose to fly on the cheapest days when AA offers its lowest-fare flights. Usually, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days of the week.

You can choose to hop on American Airlines flights to Guatemala in February, the month to get the cheapest tickets on it.

What are The Most Popular Attractions in Guatemala?

Are you looking for a destination that presents a beautiful blend of Old and New Worlds, Guatemala is your place to visit. You get a rich cultural flavor here, thanks to the Spanish and local Mayan influences. No wonder, the place is peppered with natural and historical sites that give you good reasons to fly to Guatemala.

Some of the tourist hotspots that command your visit to Guatemala are:

  • Mayan Ruins of Tikal

One of the amazing archaeological sites here is Tikal where Mayan culture still breathes. Watch over 3,000 structures – from pyramids and plazas to temples and an acropolis.

After exploring this urban Mayan zone, Tikal National Park commands your visit.

  • Lago de Atitlan

One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlán showcases Eden-like charm. Volcanoes and Mayan villages flank the lake.

You can also go shopping for Guatemalan textiles,  scuba diving, Spanish learning, and hiking to San Pedro volcano nearby. So, save big and board cheap flights to Guatemala to explore the place.

  • Parque Central

In the heart of Quetzaltenango, the city stands between three massive volcanoes. You can thus catch a beautiful view around. Explore Mayan villages, splash in natural sulfur springs, and a Laguna Chicabal (a sacred lake) trip will bowl you over. 

  • Antigua Guatemala

Surrounded by three volcanoes, this former capital of Guatemala offers a unique glimpse of a city.

The city bears testimony to the earthquakes it has been through. Some of such ruins are now constructed into hotels. It also has museums to peep into the city’s and country’s past. So, the time to book American Airlines Guatemala is now!

  • Yaxha

This is a small site of Mayan ruins but worth your visit. It was the hub of various ceremonies during the pre-Columbian Mayan kingdom. Explore its buildings, which are almost 500 in number. It has 9 temple pyramids and 13 altars. To delight in the spectacular sights of the jungle and lakes around, climb up to the top of Temple 216.

Apart from exploring these places, you can go shopping in Guatemala. So, have a great time in this country and garner memories of your vacation. So, don’t wait. Hop on to Guatemala American Airlines and set off on a vacation to cherish.

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