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Did you know? Canada is the world’s second-largest country. That’s why it has a whopping number of places to explore. And to introduce people worldwide to Canada’s wonders, American Airlines flights to Canada frequently take off. No wonder, Canada receives almost 18 million tourists every year and AA has a huge share in bringing travelers here. The country is generously dotted with forests, mountains, and lakes giving myriad opportunities to hike, trek, camp, etc.

Its urban attractions also wow you. Moreover, its culinary treats enhance your vacation flavor. So, let’s see how Canada imparts a wonderful vacation experience. 

Why Book American Airlines Flights to Canada?

To fly to Canada, American Airlines is one of the choicest air carriers. Replete with thoughtful in-flight features like meals, free entertainment, and ample legroom; AA ensures that you have a comfy and safe journey. Furthermore, direct American flights to Canada help save you time and money. So, for an exceptional travel experience at an affordable price, American Airlines makes a great choice.

Explore the vast expanses that stretch from the Rocky Mountains to Gros Morne National Park and from famous tourist hotspots to hidden gems. Create memories to cherish in Canada and start from your AA flight.

Which are The Major Airports in Canada?

As Canada is focused on promoting its tourism, airports here spruce up regularly. And offer commendable services to air carriers flying in such as American Airlines Canada flights. There are over 500 airports in Canada, out of which some of the busiest are mentioned below:

So, ready with your airport looks?

How to Find Cheap Flights to Canada?

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly way to fly to Canada? Despite the hefty ticket costs, you can grab cheap fares on American Airlines flights to Canada. Here’s how:

  • Buy your ticket in advance
  • Do your research on several flight comparison sites
  • Book your flight on a weekday
  • Travel in low/off-season

What are The Most Popular Attractions in Canada?

Almost half the land area of Canada is jungle-clad, which justifies why this country has the world’s one-tenth forest cover. Apart from that, there are chock-a-block-full attractions that magnetize tourists to Canada.

From polar bears on the arctic tundra to cruising Vancouver’s curvy coastline or feasting in Toronto and attending jam-session in Montreal; Canada surprises at every step.

Looking forward to exploring these attractions? Hop on any of the American Airlines flights to Canada and visit these wonders.

Niagara Falls

No, it is not just about the waterfalls of world fame but the city sharing the name. Standing along the waterfalls, the city is an iconic attraction. Visit it at night to manifold your sightseeing delight.


A celebrated French city in Canada that evokes your fantasy. Here, Stanley Park invites you to click pictures with the bright red-orange trees that might have caught your fancy in various movies. You will also love the Douglas fir and red cedar trees combined with a lovely city view.

Quebec City

If you want to explore the oldest walled city in North America, go for an American Airlines booking to visit here. It exudes romance, magic, and things to tickle your fancy. Moreover, its art and culture are overwhelming.


Are winter holidays on your mind? Think Canada, think Whistler. It houses one of the largest North America’s ski resorts. Enjoy tobogganing, skiing, and snowshoeing in this stunning snow land.

Banff National Park

Ready to take in some live scenery? Zoom to Banff National Park. Its gorgeous glaciers, snow-laden peaks, lovely landscapes, and turquoise lakes will bowl you over. Want to explore right away but tight budget withholding you? Fret not. Book cheap flights to Canada with American Airlines and fly here.

Bay Of Fundy

Ever dreamt about walking on the ocean? Live your dream at this heartwarming attraction. Witness the world’s highest tides and various whale species.


Best for dinosaur lovers, Drumheller is engulfed with paleontological pride. Take time to explore its Royal Tyrrell Museum which houses a significant fossil collection. You can also have fun while climbing and peering through the mouth of the world’s largest dinosaur here! Yes, it is home to a dinosaur but a fiberglass form of a T-rex.  Also, explore hoodoos –  mushroom-like rock columns.


Standing on Hudson Bay, Churchill is famous as the world’s polar bear capital. It offers you close wildlife encounter opportunities. Additionally, adventure seekers will love underwater activities here. Eager to visit such a unique place? Book American Airlines flights to Canada and fulfill your fantasy.

Therefore, no matter if you are planning a Canada trip for the first time or returning for a lovable experience, you can never run out of flights to book tickets to.

So, don’t wait anymore. Book your tickets to Canada with American Airlines today!

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