A Quick Guide to American Airlines Complimentary Upgrades

Are you looking forward to grabbing a complimentary upgrade on an AA flight? Here is a quick guide to help you get American Airlines complimentary upgrades. You can easily upgrade your experience when you are one of the elite status members. However, if you don’t possess this status, you can enhance your opportunities for an upgrade.

Simply buy a ticket and use cash with miles to upgrade it to the next cabin. Alternatively, you can go for a premium cabin ticket using miles. This helps you save on shelling out excessive money for your upgrade. Now, let’s take a look at these upgrades.

When Do The Elite Members Avail of American Airlines Complimentary Upgrades?

Elite flyers of all types are eligible to gain complimentary upgrades. These are applicable on domestic and short-haul international flights.

Please note that the following decide the upgrades –

  • The AAdvantage elite status
  • The flight distance
  • The upgrade type a member is requesting
  • The ticket fare class

Here is how you get a complimentary upgrade American Airlines before your respective flight’s scheduled departure –

Elite Status Hours Before The Flight Scheduled Departure
AAdvantage Concierge Key 120
AAdvantage Executive Platinum 100
AAdvantage Platinum Pro 72
AAdvantage Platinum 48
AAdvantage Gold 24

Source: https://thepointsguy.com/guide/upgrades-on-american-airlines/

Please note

These upgrades are generally valid only on cash tickets, except for Executive Platinum and Concierge Key elites who will also receive them on award tickets.

Which Important Things Should I Remember About American Airlines Upgrades?

Here are certain significant pointers that you must remember while going for American Airlines complimentary upgrades –

  • AAdvantage elites can avail of complimentary and unlimited upgrades on flights that operate within the U.S. or between –
    • The U.S. and Canada, Mexico
    • The Bahamas
    • The Caribbean
    • Bermuda and Central America
  • When you gain Executive Platinum status, you are eligible for complimentary upgrades on award tickets.

Please note

Upgrades on award tickets are allowed only on Executive Platinum and Concierge Key.

  • To add a travel companion with your complimentary elite upgrades, they should be on the same booking like you. In other case, you can connect with the reservations department of American Airlines.

Please note

AA will be extending its complimentary upgrade eligibility to add North American flights for AAdvantage members with Platinum and Gold status from March 2, 2023.

Once you are done with your flight booking, you can check the My Trips section for your upgrade status. Let’s take a look at the upgrades provided on AA flights.

On American AAdvantage Gold AAdvantage Platinum AAdvantage Platinum Pro AAdvantage Executive Platinum
 Complimentary upgrades on award tickets  Available
 Auto-requested, unlimited,  complimentary upgrades  Available  Available  Available  Available
 Complimentary upgrade for one companion on the same flight  Available  Available  Available  Available

Source: https://www.aa.com/i18n/aadvantage-program/miles/redeem/award-travel/complimentary-upgrades.jsp

How does American Airlines Prioritize Complimentary Upgrades?

To know how American Airlines upgrades are prioritized, scroll down:

  • Your elite status determines the priority of your complimentary upgrades. The sequence is –
    1. Concierge Key members
    2. Executive Platinum members
    3. Platinum Pro members
    4. Platinum members
    5. Gold members
  • Your total Loyalty Points of a year prioritize your upgrades. For instance, if two Executive Platinum members want complimentary upgrades on the same flight, the member who has more Loyalty Points will be the first to get it.

In a nutshell, every AAdvantage elite member enjoys  complimentary upgrades on AA flights. Their travel companions also join in at times. It goes without saying that AA has another customer friendly approach with a generous complimentary elite upgrade. So, are you ready to enjoy American Airlines complimentary upgrades? Make sure to follow the rules and check your elite status before requesting.

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