American Airlines Group Travel

American Airlines Group Travel

Want to Go On a Holiday with Friends? Learn All About American Airlines Group Travel

Do you want to travel with your friends and family for a holiday but the fares are killing you? Don’t fret anymore; American Airlines is here for your rescue. Now you can not only plan group holidays but also travel in groups for meetings and conferences at discounted fares with the American Airlines group travel plan. So, to know more about the group plan offered by the airline, read the blog.

How Can I Buy American Airline Group Tickets?

Travelers can plan group holidays or meetings with this fantastic feature by American airlines. In addition to this feature, many other benefits are also provided to the passengers. There are numerous ways by which you can group travel booking on American airlines.

Book Online

American airline booking can be made hassle-free by simply visiting their website. Follow the steps given below carefully and book your group travel tickets.

  1. Visit the official webpage of American Airlines.
  2. A new window will open; sign in to your American Airlines account
  3. Click on the advanced option and then click on the group booking option.
  4. Now you will see an extensive range of destinations appear on the screen; select the destination of your preference
  5. Select the preferred option and AA flight for your group.
  6. Now carefully fill in all the details of your group members
  7. Now to confirm your tickets pay at the payment gateway

Contact The American Airlines Group Travel Desk

For group booking, you can contact the American airline group travel desk and confirm your booking.

  • Visit the official page of American Airlines and visit the group and meetings page.
  • Phone number, as well as email address, is mentioned on the webpage
  • You can call on the number provided if you are a resident of the USA or Canada

Note: Before connecting with the American airline group travel phone number, gather all information about the group traveling as the representative will ask you all the details.

Contact Customer Service

You can also contact customer service at +1-800-433-7300 or +1-646-974-1422 for assistance purchasing group travel tickets. The proper process is mentioned below; follow it carefully to connect to customer service.

  • Dial their number and click the right key to connect with customer support. They are available 24/7 for assistance related to booking cancellation, rescheduling, etc.
  • An executive will connect you, now request a group booking.
  • Share the details of the group members with the executive carefully.
  • Pay for your group booking, and your tickets are confirmed.

This is the easiest way if you are traveling or don’t have internet access. American Airlines has always been considerate towards their passengers and regularly comes up with plans and offers. By using this particular group, travel passengers can avail of the American airlines group travel discounts.

Does American Airlines Offer Special Rates for Group Travel?

Are you looking forward to going on a group trip? With American Airline group travel

you can be at the benefit of its special fares. Groups traveling from one or multiple destinations to a common place are provided with this feature.

AA offers special prices for groups on amenities and prices. From leisure travel to conventions and meetings, AA meets your requirements with its flexibility. Let’s know more about it.

Prices for group and meeting are available for –

  • 1 or more departure airport
  • Groups of 10 or more
  • Any American Airlines or oneworld destination
  • Any cabin, including premium cabins
Please note

If a group is traveling to any AA or oneworld destination within a two day window, they have assured prices and space to block up to 11 months in advance.

With these American Airlines Group Travel special rates, you have several advantages, which are –

  • Flexible timelines for ticketing
  • Automatic seat allocation
  • The opportunity to block space up to 330 days before the flight’s scheduled departure
  • One name change for free on one ticket, before 48 hours of the scheduled departure
  • Itinerary deviations on return within 6 days
  • Refundable Zone fares
  • Non-refundable air-only fares
  • Hold space without names until it gets closer to the scheduled departure
  • Flight credits for future group reservations

What Should I Keep in Mind Before I Purchase American Airline Group Travel Tickets?

There are several key points one needs to keep in mind before booking yourself American airlines group travel tickets. Go through the terms below carefully before purchasing.

  • It should be at least a group of ten people for you to avail of the American airlines group travel plan.
  • You can be given one ticket for free by American Airlines when you purchase group travel tickets.
  • You can book your group travel on a flight maximum before 11 months of the scheduled departure of the flight selected. And the minimum before 48 hours of the chosen flight to travel on.
  • If you are traveling for a meeting, conference, business purpose, or even a study tour,  AA offers you discounts on your flight tickets.
  • Before the departure flights, you can make multiple changes to passenger details, all free of charge.
  • In an emergency, American Airlines reserves the right to cancel any reservations or bookings.

So, when you are going for a group travel on an American Airlines flight, keep the above mentioned rules in mind and must abide by these.

How Does Group Travel Work on American Airlines?

Let’s take a look at the way Group Travel works on AA flights. There are 4 groups for travel that are categorized as per the travel classes. Take a look at those below:

  • Group 1 – Executive Platinum members
  • Group 2 – Platinum Pro (and Oneworld Emerald) members
  • Group 3 – American Airlines Platinum and Oneworld Sapphire members
  • Group 4 – American Airlines Gold, Oneworld Ruby, and JetBlue Mosaic members

For more information, call on the American airline group travel phone number and get connected to a representative.

Can I Get Group 4 with An AA Flight?

Feeling special while traveling is something that everyone looks forward to. And how about getting this premium treatment with an AA flight? American Airlines offers facilities as per the group types.

The airline has divided the boarding process into 9 groups for the convenience of its passengers. While boarding a flight, Group 1-4 gets in the Priority lane and group 5-9 gets in the Main lane.

Here, let’s see how you can get into Group 4 and avail of the facilities and services that it has.

Premium Class

If you will be traveling in a premium class that includes a premium economy cabin or other higher tier, you are eligible to enjoy Group 4 features.

OneWorld Ruby

Do you have a Oneworld Ruby membership? Congrats! You can slip into Group 4 and enjoy elite features that AA group travel brings you.

AAdvantage and JetBlue Elite status

Are you having any of the above two statuses? Great! You have made your way to be a Group 4 traveler.

Military officer

If you are traveling with your active military officer ID, Group 4 perks are awaiting you.

Eligible corporate traveler

Group 4 advantages belong to you if you hold the status of being a  corporate traveler on the airline.

Purchase Priority

There is an option of Priority on the official website of American Airlines. You can click on the option and purchase the priority boarding to get in Group 4.

With Group 4 you need not waste time in queques. From quick American Airlines group travel check in to priority boarding, Group 4 brings you a bundle of benefits.

However, make sure that you abide by the time frame for checking-in. So, when you are checking in online or via mobile app, make sure to do it from 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before your flight’s departure. The online check-in for international destinations is 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

To check-in at the airport, you have to reach there at least before:

  • 2 hours – When traveling within the U.S.
  • 3 hours – When flying out of the U.S.

How to Make Your American Airlines Boarding Group Higher?

If you are keen to level up your boarding group when flying on an AA flight, keep the following points in mind:

  • Go for an American Airlines group booking with higher travel class tickets for maximized awards.
  • Use preferred credit cards having unique features.
  • Visit the official website of American Airlines to get higher boarding groups.

To know more about increasing your boarding group when traveling with an American Airlines flight, you can also get connected to a customer service executive. To get a clear idea about the Priority, you will get rich information on the AA official website. Moreover, the airline’s online booking platform has made it easier for its agency partners to book group travel. It offers real-time visibility for the itinerary of groups. Furthermore, it provides access to modify your bookings 24/7. So, do you want to go for an American Airlines Group Travel? Book your trip today for a pleasurable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cancellation Policy of American Airlines?

There is a24 hour refund policy that is applied to all tickets. According to this policy you have up to 24 hours to get a refund from the time you booked your flight. But the 24-hour policy is not applicable to reservations booked as part of a group block.

Can You Change one Person’s Flight on a Group Booking?

Yes, you can easily change an individual ticket but contact the customer support or reservation desk as PNR has to be split as all passengers on the group ticket have the same PNR.

Can We Cancel Only One Person’s E-ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the ticket of one person from the group. just go to their official site, select the ticket which needs to be canceled and click on cancel ticket.

American Airlines Group Travel

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