How To Track American Airlines Flight Status?

american airlines flight tracker

You have purchased American Airlines flight tickets and seats of your choice too. You are at the airport, checked in, and waiting for your flight. But due to unavoidable circumstances, it is delayed. Now what? Your plans are disturbed and your mood too. With the American Airlines flight tracker feature, you can keep such situations at bay. It helps you stay updated with information about the flight/flights you will be boarding. As numerous AA flights navigate through the sky on a daily basis, you should stay informed about your flight – its speed, where it is coming from, etc.

So, do you want to get updates about your AA flight? And you must as unannounced situations lead to unexpected changes in the flight schedule. Sounds good, right?

So, let’s proceed to learn how to track an American Airlines flight status.

Why Should I Track an American Airlines Flight?

With the help of a flight tracker on American Airlines, you can get real-time tracking. It assists you in getting prompt information about the arrival and departure of your flight. Additionally, it helps you know the position and altitude of your air carrier. The feature also informs you about the details of the gate and terminal.

As you know that things taking place up in the air are beyond human control. So, delays and cancellations might occur. To avoid the unwelcome surprise, all you have to do is to keep checking the flight status and stay up for any updates.

With the American Airlines feature to track flight, you know if there are any changes in your flight schedule. And you can prepare better for the next step of action in your journey. Thus, you can accordingly set your travel schedules. If you are waiting for a guest arriving on an AA flight, you will know when to reach the airport to receive them.

How To Track An American Airlines Flight?

So, you have booked tickets for one of the AA flights, but want to check its status. But do you know that you have already taken the first step for it? While booking your tickets, you have to share your correct contact info with the airline. This helps you in receiving the latest updates about your flight status. Additionally, you can use a live flight tracker.

Let’s see the steps to track a flight on American Airlines:

  • Visit the American Airlines official website (
  • Click on “Flight Status”.
  • Fill in the required information (flight number, date, time, and destinations of departure and arrival).
  • Click on “Go”.
  • Go through the information added to check if it is correct.
  • Return to the page – “Flight Status”.
  • Click on “Create Flight Status Notification”.
  • Sign up for free tracking.
  • Enter the information of the flight you have booked tickets to.
  • from the dropdown menu, choose the way you want the airline to contact you. This can be via:
  1. Text
  2. Voice mail, or
  3. E-mail 
  • Now, you can customize the alerts to track American Airlines flight as you select the notification time settings.
  • To receive updates on departure, arrival, and gate changes; check the boxes.
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Stay active on your message for flight status updates.

American also has a free app. You can download it and easily manage your travel.

For more information and other details, you can connect with a customer service executive of American Airlines or American Eagle at 800-433-7300 or 646-974-1422. If you need assistance in Spanish, dial 800-633-3711.

Tips To Track An American Airlines Flight

Wasn’t it pretty easy to track your AA flight?

Now, let’s have a look at some smart tips to check the status of your flight. With these tips, you can up the process of flight tracking in addition to the American Airlines flight tracker feature.

Here are the tips to follow for a smooth flight tracking experience:

  • Update your American Airlines app regularly. It makes sure that you never miss out on any updates about your flight tracking because of having an outdated version of the app.
  • An updated app version sends you a notification when the boarding begins. Also, it lets you know the time when you should move to the gate from the Admirals Club.
  • From the ‘BeNotified’ link in your AAdvantage profile, you can sign up or change your preferences. And you will receive It sends you text or email alerts or text for every flight.

AA also facilitates you to set a single alert for a particular flight and make the best use of the American Airlines flight tracker.

With these alerts, you will get to know better and on time about departure reminders, gate changes as well as delays and cancellations on the date of the journey.

Therefore, while purchasing your flight tickets with American, sign up so that you can receive regular updates on the status of your flight schedule. Thereby, you can check your flight for any changes in time. It is up to you, whether you choose to stay updated through the mobile app of the airline or its official website. The American Airlines flight tracker will provide you with flight status as soon as there is an update about it.

So, don’t worry about any flight changes after buying American Airlines tickets. Whether it is late, canceled, or undergoes any change, you will be notified just in time.

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How To Track American Airlines Flight Status?

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