What is The American Airlines Wheelchair Policy?

American Airlines Wheelchair Assistance – How it Helps?

Do you have wings in your heart but mobility issues stop you from flying? Not anymore with American Airlines. Thanks to American Airlines Wheelchair services that enable the differently-abled passengers to travel at ease. With the airline, your journey becomes seamless and you can easily move in and around the airport.

Taking its responsibility to make travel a smooth experience for every traveler, American Airlines has raised its bar to provide assistance to its travelers with physical challenges. Moreover, it has facilities and services to provide disability assistance at every step of the trip. So, read on to know about how traveling with a wheelchair on American Airlines is making trips easier for the differently abled passengers.

What is The Wheelchair Policy of American Airlines?

If you or your loved one has to request a wheelchair while traveling with AA, don’t worry. American Airlines has devised its policy for convenience of specially abled passengers. Scroll down to know the policy.

  • Passengers with a disability who need a wheelchair can call at 800-778-4838 or 800-455-9880 to inquire about the airline’s wheelchair policy.
  • As per the wheelchair policy by American Airlines, inform AA beforehand to travel with your personal wheelchair.
  • AA has two teams for disability assistance – Disability team and Special Assistance team. It helps to determine the wheelchair type as per the disability.
  • Each cabin class can store only one wheelchair. The space is provided on the First Come, First serve basis. So, book flights earlier.
  • Its storage area door must be within 25 x 40 inches or 25 x 38 inches. So, if your wheelchair is bigger than these dimensions, call the airline for assistance.
  • Check-in non-collapsible wheelchairs at the luggage counter.
  • Electric powered wheelchairs must be checked an hour before check-in. Use completely charged batteries.
  • You must provide American Airlines with a medical clearance form and a supporting document, issued within a year of your travel date.
  • Provide the documents at least 48 hours before the flight departure. Get the approval form an hour before check-in.

What are the AA Wheelchair Types?

American Airlines provides two types of wheelchairs:

  • Aisle wheelchair
  • Lift-equipped wheelchair

How to Request American Airlines Special Assistance for Wheelchairs?

So, you need to get in touch with the airline for a wheelchair. Here are the online and offline methods to get one.

  • Online special assistance request

While booking or managing your trip online, go to the passenger details page.

  • Select Add special assistance option that allows you to –
  • Request a wheelchair.
  • Request Special Assistance by American Airlines for any disability like vision, hearing, developmental, or cognitive.
  • Mention if you are traveling with your mobility device.
  • If you are flying with a service animal, mention it.

Please note

Notice and approval are mandatory at least 48 hours before your flight.

  • Call American Airlines for Wheelchair Request

You can easily contact a customer representative for service assistance. Since the airline has dedicated special assistance and disability teams, they cater to your requirements before and during the journey.

However, if you don’t know how do I talk to a real person at American Airlines, simply dial AA’s phone number and a live representative will assist you.

  • Wheelchair Assistance at The Airport

American Airlines provides you wheelchair service:

  • To and from your gate
  • Between gates for connecting flights
  • For baggage claim
  • Fill out a disability assistance request form

If you want to know how to fill out the request form for disability assistance, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines
  • Go to Contact Us option.
  • Find the Special assistance option.
  • Enter a new page.
  • Click the Submit Disability Request.
  • As the subject, select the topic and option for Disability assistance request.
  • Share your contact details.
  • Choose the assistance type as a wheelchair.
  • Share your flight information.
  • Enter the message.
  • Submit the form.

You will shortly get American Airlines Wheelchair Assistance to take you through the process.

Traveling with Mobility and Medical Devices – Things to Remember

Are you flying on an AA flight with a wheelchair, other mobility or medical device? Keep the following pointers in mind for an enhanced experience.

Boarding and deplaning

The wheelchair assistance staff at American airlines will assist you during boarding and deplaning.

Arrive before the flight’s departure

Make sure to reach the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure.

Check for Battery Devices

Get in touch with the Special Assistance team to check if the battery type of your battery operated mobility device is approved for travel.

Therefore, inform a gate or reservation agent if you need a wheelchair on an American Airlines flight. You will get flight attendants to help you with transfers between your seat and an onboard wheelchair, and also taking you to and from the lavatory door. Also, request for special assistance much in advance when flying outside the U.S.

Don’t let your physical challenges stop you from fulfilling your travel dreams. Count on American Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do wheelchairs have priority boarding on American Airlines?

Yes, American Airlines offer pre-boarding and deplaning assistance to passengers on wheelchairs.

Does American Airlines charge for wheelchair assistance?

No, American Airlines doesn’t charge for it. The airline accepts free manual or battery-operated wheelchairs for carriage.

How does special airport assistance work?

If you are traveling with a disability or challenged mobility, you are entitled to get Special Assistance. With American Airlines’ efficient assistance, you enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey and that too for free.

What is The American Airlines Wheelchair Policy?

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