How Can I Find My American Airlines Ticket Number?

American Airlines ticket Number

Do you have a booking with American Airlines but don’t know how to get the ticket number? Worry not because you can easily get American Airlines ticket number. You must have your ticket number if you wish to complete your journey without any hassle.

Being one of the most popular airlines in the United States, American Airlines promises to make your journey unforgettable. The airline assures you that you will get world-class services when traveling with it. Therefore, it makes the process of finding the airline’s ticket number easy. One of the best ways to resolve any issues related to the airline is by dialing its phone number.

Read on to understand more about the ticket number of American Airlines.

What is American Airlines Ticket Number?

Have you seen the 13-character number on your e-ticket? Yes, that is actually the AA ticket number. This will be on the right side of the ticket, printed vertically. Or it will be a small print located in the bottom right-hand corner. Moreover, the series of numbers starts with 001, and each passenger will have a separate ticket number. This number also contains the airline code. The last 10 digits of this number series is the ticket number.

Simply put, the ticket number is the preassigned unique combination of numbers or letters. This number identifies a particular individual who has the ticket. For add-ons, such as upgrades, bags, and seats, there are different numbers. Make sure to get your ticket number after making your booking. Keep the ticket number American Airlines handy because you have to show it at the airport.

How to Find The American Airlines Ticket Number?

Don’t you know where to get your ticket number? Well, you have various ways to check out your ticket number. This ticket number is essential to board your flight because you can’t start the journey without it. You can get your ticket number in the following ways.

  • The confirmation email and receipt

When you book your tickets with AA, you receive a confirmation mail from it. This mail indicates that your reservation is confirmed with the airline, and you can travel. This email has your American Airlines ticket number.  Scroll down towards the end of the mail, and locate the “Receipt” section. Under this section, you will find the confirmation email.

  • Receipt from the ticket office or airport

If you have received the receipt from the ticket office or airline, you can see the ticket number at the bottom of the ticket. Check out the center of the ticket to get your ticket number.

  • Red carbon copy tickets by travel agencies

Have you booked your tickets through the travel agency? If yes, you must have gotten the carbon copy ticket. In the upper right corner of the ticket, you will see the airline code and the ticket number.

  • Credit card statement

After purchasing American Airlines tickets, you can see the ticket number in the credit card statement. Make sure to go through the credit card statement if you are unable to find the ticket number anywhere else.

With all these methods, you can easily get your ticket number.

Dial American Airlines Phone Number for Immediate Assistance!

However, you can find the ticket number without additional effort. But you may face issues while fetching the ticket number. If the same is happening to you, you must get in touch with the AA representative. Call American Airlines ticketing phone number to talk about the ticket number. The available agent will help you get your ticket number in no time.

AA agents are very helpful, and they will assist without wasting any time. Reach out to them and share your requested details. The agent will then find your ticket number, and you can board the flight without any hassle.

For More Information visit here: How do I Talk to an American Airlines Representative?

Where to Find The Airline Code?

In addition to the ticket number, you may need to find the airline code as well. Each airline has its code, and you can quickly find the AA code. Similar to the “American Airlines find ticket number” process, finding the airline code is also easy.

  • You can find the airline code in the confirmation email from the airline.
  • Additionally, passengers can check out the receipt from the airline. At the bottom of the receipt, you will find the airline code.
  • Moreover, check out the credit card statement to find the airline code.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you understand what the American Airlines ticket number is and how you can find it. Use any of the mentioned methods to get the ticket number and fly hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ticket number for a flight American Airlines?

The AA ticket number is a 13-digit character series starting with 001. The last digit of the series represents the ticket number.

Is flight number same as ticket number?

No, the flight number is not the same as the ticket number. When you make a reservation with the airline, you will receive the ticket number.

How do I check my airline ticket?

To know everything about your flight, you must log in to the PNR status of American Airlines. This is the best way to gather all important information.

Where is the ticket number on the carbon copy ticket?

Check out the upper right corner of the carbon copy ticket to get the ticket number.

How can I check my flight ticket online?

Visit the AA official website, and know all your flight details in a minute. Log in to your account, and you will see all the details of your upcoming itinerary.

How Can I Find My American Airlines Ticket Number?

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