How To Get An American Airlines Travel Voucher and Redeem It?

American Airlines travel voucher

Flight cancellation is no more a new thing. Technical glitches and weather disruptions can result in flight delays or cancelations. If such a matter arises with American Airlines and a flight has to be canceled at the last minute, you get an American Airlines travel voucher. Print it or use it digitally, at your convenience.

You can keep these easily and use them to pay for your travel whenever you have to. So, don’t you feel that you are in for a treat with these vouchers as you are a passenger of American Airline?  So, let’s move ahead to know about these travel vouchers and the way these are beneficial.

What is An American Airlines Travel Voucher?

Simply put, travel vouchers that AA provides you with are electronic certificates, which you can use to cover travel expenses. Valid for a year, you can use a travel voucher from American Airlines for future purchases with the value they have.  These vouchers are issued as Electronic Travel Vouchers, but only for U.S. residents.

For others, there are Paper vouchers. Contact an AA customer service representative to know more about paper vouchers.

You can use the travel vouchers only for flights and can’t use these for others such as bags or seats. Please note that eVouchers can’t be:

  • Refunded
  • Transferred
  • Returned
  • Redeemed for cash, check, or credit

So, in the instance of changing a flight ticket, if some amount is remaining, you get travel vouchers. Use these vouchers to book another flight ticket.

However, if you want to gain more information about acquiring an American Airlines voucher, scroll down.

How To Find Your Travel Voucher With American Airlines and Redeem It?

Let’s see how you can use your American Airlines flight voucher in the method mentioned below. 

Check your inbox for the email that American has sent you with a link to your voucher. Its value, PIN, and expiration date.

Now, when you want to book a flight ticket:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Select your flights.
  • When you are redirected to the payment page, choose ‘Other forms of payment.’
  • Fill in the number of your Travel Voucher and its PIN.
  • If your flight ticket fare is more than your voucher value, pay the remaining balance with your credit card.

Please note:

  • You can redeem up to 8 travel vouchers per trip.
  • These vouchers can’t be used for flight add-ons like luggage charges or upgrades.

Contact Reservations

For more assistance, while using an American Airlines Travel Voucher such as paying for a trip with paper vouchers, contact reservations. For this, simply dial 1(800) 433 – 7300 or 646-974-1422 and inform the customer service executive about the Travel Voucher that you have. 

Tips to Use American Airlines Vouchers

Now, you are through with the travel vouchers that AA gives you. Let’s grab some smart tips to use these.

1. Negotiate The Compensation

If you experience it, negotiate compensation for flight delays. Before accepting a voucher, raise queries like –  Do you have blackout dates?

2. Read The Instructions

Be careful to read the instructions printed on your American Airlines vouchers/voucher. Be informed that you can use it not only on AA but also on American Eagle and Oneworld partners. It is also valid for flights that originate in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

3. Find The Flexibility

You might or might not bend the voucher rules that the airline has set. Make sure that you use it before its date of expiry. Find out if you can find an exception to this rule or if AA is flexible with certain rules of its travel voucher usage.

4. Raise Your Concern

If you have issues with your American Airlines travel voucher or are confused with it, politely raise the concern to the travel agents of American Airlines. You can also send them a gentle reminder to resolve it. If stars favor you, AA can give you new ones for a round-trip with fewer restrictions.

5. Include The Voucher Value When Buying

When you purchase travel insurance, do add the value of the travel vouchers that American Airlines give you. In case, you have a previous voucher, include its cash value in the travel fare, while purchasing insurance or a premium.

This is beneficial if you have to cancel a trip. You won’t be at loss and get the advantages of a trip cancelation.

In a nutshell, with new voucher guidelines, you can easily earn credits, miles, or travel points with AA travel credits or vouchers. So, go for American Airlines booking for a flight ticket with vouchers. These are boons for several travelers as they can use these vouchers to travel in the future.

It’s time to vouch for travel vouchers from AA!

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How Do Travel Vouchers Work with American Airlines?

Travel vouchers that American Airline issues are good to be utilized not only on American Airlines but also on American Eagle, and Oneworld partners. These vouchers are also applicable for flights originating in the United States and Puerto Rico.However, AA travel vouchers are not allowed to be used for flight add-ons such as luggage charges or upgrades. At one purchase, American Airline allows you to redeem a maximum of eight vouchers.

Can I Get A Voucher on The Cancelation of My Flight Tickets With American Airlines?

You can cancel or change your non-refundable tickets without paying any cancelation charges. However, the airline doesn’t give you any refund for it. But AA provides you a travel credit, which you can use to book another flight ticket. Make sure to redeem your travel credit within one year from the date of being issued.

How To Get an American Airlines eVoucher?

American Airlines has made it pretty convenient to grab eVouchers. To get your eVoucher and PIN, click on the link sent to you via email. Enter the eVoucher and PIN numbers as mentioned on the retrieval page. At a time you can redeem up to eight eVouchers.

How To Get An American Airlines Travel Voucher and Redeem It?

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