How to Redeem an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

American Airlines travel voucher

Changing or canceling a flight is normal these days. Whether you have an emergency situation or the airline experiences weather disturbances or technical glitches. Flights can be canceled or delayed. So, when you are flying with American Airlines, you get a voucher to cover your expenses. With an American Airlines travel voucher, you can get your ticket value back.

Thereby you can use the voucher for your future booking with AA. You can print the voucher or use it in its digital form as per your convenience. These are handy to use and easy to keep. However, make sure to use these within their validity period. Do you have AA travel vouchers and a trip is on your cards? Great! Make your booking now.

Now, let’s proceed to learn more about these vouchers in the account that follows.

What is an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

An AA travel voucher is one of the travel credit types that you get as a refund on non-refundable tickets. The voucher has its own set of terms and conditions. So, you must be fully aware of these before you redeem your credit. With a travel voucher from American Airlines, you can cover your travel expenses.

These vouchers are issued as Electronic Travel Vouchers, but only for U.S. residents. For others, these are Paper vouchers.

These travel vouchers cannot be –

  • Refunded
  • Returned
  • Redeemed for cash, check (cheque), or credit

So, to change a flight ticket, if some amount is remaining, you get travel vouchers. You can purchase your flight tickets with these vouchers.

However, if you want to gain more information about obtaining an American Airlines travel voucher, scroll down.

Description Travel Voucher
Who can use it The traveler having the Travel Voucher and can purchase tickets for anyone
How to redeem Contact Reservations to know about the options of ticketing in your respective country
Valid for Flights only
Expiration 1 year from date issued
Issued for Paper voucher
Maximum per reservation Up to 8

Please note

  • You can use travel credits only for flight booking. Paying for additional services such as bags or seats is not allowed with travel credits.
  • Contact an AA customer service representative to know more about travel vouchers.

How to Redeem Your American Airlines Travel Voucher?

When you have received your American Airlines flight voucher, here’s how you can easily use it.

To book your flight ticket with the voucher, you have to –

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Go to the booking section.
  • Enter your travel details required.
  • Select your flights.
  • When the airline redirects you to payment, select the option of Other forms of payment.
  • Enter your Travel Voucher and its PIN number.
  • If the price of your flight ticket is higher than the value of your voucher, use your credit card to pay the remaining amount.

Once done, AA will send you the confirmation code message on your registered email id.

Please note

  • Check your email inbox for a link that AA has sent you. Click the link to retrieve your eVoucher and PIN.
  • Contact an AA customer service representative of the reservations team at 1(800) 433 – 7300. They will assist you in using an American Airlines Travel Voucher such as paying for a trip with paper vouchers.

What are the Terms and Conditions to Use an American Airlines Voucher?

If you are going to redeem your travel voucher/e-voucher with AA, keep the following in mind:

  • Redeem your e-voucher for flights booked directly through AA website or its reservation contact number. You can’t redeem your voucher through any other channel.
  • You can redeem your voucher if your flight is –
  • Marketed by American Airlines
  • Operated through American Eagle or one world partners
  • You can’t use your American Airlines vouchers for commercial or promotional purposes.
  • For a new booking, you can’t add the e-voucher value to an existing ticket value.

How Do Travel Vouchers Work with American Airlines?

You can use AA travel vouchers not only on American Airlines flights but also on Oneworld partners and American Eagle. The airline doesn’t allow you to use these for getting upgrades, baggage charges, etc. You can redeem only a maximum of 8 vouchers at a time.

Please note

You can also use these vouchers for flights that are originating in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Does American Airlines Give a Voucher on Flight Cancellation?

Yes, even if you cancel or change an American Airlines booking with a non-refundable ticket, the airline gives you a travel voucher. Also, you need not pay any fees for change or cancellation. Use these travel vouchers for booking flight tickets for future trips within a year. Check the issue date of the voucher and redeem it within the given timeline.

How Can I Get an American Airlines Voucher?

Getting a travel voucher from AA is quick and convenient. All you have to do is to –

  • Login to your email ID that you have registered with American Airlines.
  • You will find a link that the airline has sent you regarding your travel voucher.
  • Click on the link.
  • You will be redirected to your Voucher and PIN.

On the retrieval page, enter the eVoucher and PIN numbers.

What to Do When an AA Travel Voucher Expires?

When American Airlines has given you a flight voucher that you have not yet used and is about to expire soon, book your trip at the earliest.

This is a smart step before the validity of your travel voucher is over. It is because American Airlines doesn’t reissue or extend the validity of its vouchers beyond the date of expiry. Moreover, the airline doesn’t honor the expired or invalid voucher.

For detailed information, get in touch with the customer service representative of American Airlines.

In Conclusion

Therefore, go ahead to grab your American Airlines travel voucher and fly to your dream destination. At the same time, keep in mind the terms and conditions of using the voucher for maximum benefit. Earn vouchers, travel points, miles, and credits to save big on your travel expenses with AA. It’s time to vouch for travel vouchers from American Airlines. Where are you flying to next?

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How Do Travel Vouchers Work with American Airlines?

Travel vouchers that American Airline issues are good to be utilized not only on American Airlines but also on American Eagle, and Oneworld partners. These vouchers are also applicable for flights originating in the United States and Puerto Rico.However, AA travel vouchers are not allowed to be used for flight add-ons such as luggage charges or upgrades. At one purchase, American Airline allows you to redeem a maximum of eight vouchers.

Can I Get A Voucher on The Cancelation of My Flight Tickets With American Airlines?

You can cancel or change your non-refundable tickets without paying any cancelation charges. However, the airline doesn’t give you any refund for it. But AA provides you a travel credit, which you can use to book another flight ticket. Make sure to redeem your travel credit within one year from the date of being issued.

How To Get an American Airlines eVoucher?

American Airlines has made it pretty convenient to grab eVouchers. To get your eVoucher and PIN, click on the link sent to you via email. Enter the eVoucher and PIN numbers as mentioned on the retrieval page. At a time you can redeem up to eight eVouchers.

How to Redeem an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

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