American Airlines Name Correction Policy

Name correction Policy

Did you misspell your name on your flight ticket? Want to remove anything from your flight ticket name? Are you married recently? In any case, American Airlines Name Correction Policy will help you. However, it is not a cakewalk to change your flight ticket name but American Airlines has made it quick and simple for you.

So, if you need to make any corrections or changes to your AA flight tickets, here is a quick and concise guide. Make the best use of it to easily change or correct your name on your American Airlines ticket.

What is American Airlines Name Correction Policy?

It is vital to have your name on the flight ticket, which is the same as on your government-issued ID/passport. This makes you legally eligible to fly with AA. In such circumstances, you have an American Airlines name change correction policy for your assistance. So, let’s have a look at the name correction/change policy.

  • If the airline finds any discrepancy in your name, you might even face your ticket termination.
  • You might be charged a fee for your name change, according to the error. In such a situation, cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing. Thereafter, book another ticket.

In case, it has been more than 24 hours since you made the booking, go through AA’s name-changing restrictions.

  • The AA name change policy doesn’t allow:
  1. Changing one person’s name to another
  2. Date of birth changes
  3. Gender modifications

Which Name Changes or Corrections are Allowed at AA?

As per American Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can easily modify your name on the ticket. However, you must do this according to the airline’s restrictions for the same. If there are any typos or legal reasons, changing your names will be a breeze.

Let’s have a look at some the scenarios –

  • Misspelt name change to last name
  • Remove prefix/suffix to names
  • Changes because of marriage/divorce, supported by a valid proof
  • Alter inverted names
  • May add/remove second/last name to match the ID.
  • You have the flexibility for minor and major American Airlines correct name on ticket that are unused:

Minor name corrections

  1. Only on American Airlines and American Eagle flight itineraries
  2. May be corrected in the same PNR

Major name corrections

  1. Applicable to itineraries having codeshare flight segments on AA/oneworld.
  2. Need a new PNR for name correction as software restrictions don’t allow correction in the same PNR.
Please note
  • You can’t go for an American Airline name change on your flight ticket to someone else’s name.
  • Unused tickets can have minor and major name corrections. However, to get these corrections, only if the name submitted doesn’t already exists in the AA database an you have –
    • TSA pre Global Entry
    • NEXIUS or SENTRI card

What is AA Special Exception Name Change Policy?

American has come up with an exclusive exception policy for its travel partners. It allows name changes to mutual customers on eligible tickets. This policy is available when you book flight tickets on either of the following:

  • American Airlines Prime
  • Exchanging to AA Prime
  • AA (codeshare)

For more details, about this special exception American Airlines Name Correction Policy, visit the website or call a customer service representative.

How to Make Name Corrections/Changes on AA Flight Tickets?

AA helps you with guidelines to correct your name. You can resort to either of the two methods mentioned below –

  • Online – Via Official Website

  • Open the airline’s official website.
  • Go to “Manage Trips” on the homepage.
  • Login to your account.
  • Retrieve your booking, while following the prompts.
  • Click on ‘Find Reservation’ to proceed with American Airlines name change.
  • The flight list will be displayed.
  • Select your flight to make modifications to the name.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Modify your name on the ticket.
  • Offline – Via Phone Call

  • Dial the official contact number of American Airlines – 1-800‑433‑7300.
  • Follow the IVR prompts to get connected to an AA customer care representative.
  • Convey the travel agent the changes/corrections you want to make.
  • They will inform you if the change can be made, the fee is applicable, or if any other detail is required.
  • You will then get the modifications done.

How Much is The American Airlines Name Correction Fee?

When you modify your name on an AA ticket, the airline costs you a fee, depending on the name change type.

  • Minor name change – Free
  • Major name change – $25
  • Domestic flyers – $200
  • International flyers – $700

For further details, you can contact American Airlines customer service live person.

Can You Transfer Your AA Flight Ticket to Someone Else?

As per the AA name change policy, you cannot transfer your ticket to another person for a trip. It allows you to transfer your ticket to some other flight, provided it is done before its scheduled departure.

Please note

In such a case, AA charges you an amount to transfer the flight.

In a nutshell, changing or making corrections to your name on your American Airlines ticket is a breeze. Thanks to the customer-friendly American Airlines Name Correction Policy. At the same time, it is important to be sure of the spellings and other details that you are looking forward to changing or correcting in your name. Don’t overlook even an alphabet. So, count on the easy and simple approach of AA for changing and correcting names on the flight ticket.

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Can I Correct My Name on American Airlines Ticket?

Yes, you can correct or modify your name on a flight ticket with AA.

Can I Edit My Name on American Airlines?

Yes, American Airline allows you to make certain edits to your name. However, check its name change/correction policy to know more about it.

Can I Change the Passenger Name on an Airline Ticket?

You can change a passenger’s name on a flight ticket, but you will be charged a fee for it.

How Much is a Name Change on American Airlines?

Up to 3 characters, AA doesn’t charge a fee for minor name changes. However, any change for more than 3 characters are liable to a fee. A fee of $25 (approx,) is charged here.

American Airlines Name Correction Policy

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