How to Rebook American Airlines Flight?

Rebooking Policy

Do you have to cancel your AA flight tickets but want to take a trip shortly?  Relax as the American Airlines rebook flight process helps you. Find out if your flight ticket qualifies for rebooking and get it done in just a few clicks. If you need further assistance, you can easily reach the airline’s customer service team.

However, there are certain instances when you are not eligible to rebook your flight. To know about it full-well, you have to go through the rebooking policy of the airline. So, here is the account to help you regarding your flight rebooking with American Airlines.

What is The American Airlines Rebooking Policy?

If you are looking forward to rebook a flight on American Airlines, keep the following pointers in mind that summarize the AA rebooking policy.

  • Visit the official AA website to rebook your flight if flights to your destination are not available on the same dates of your flight cancellation. Alternatively, you can connect with a customer service representative of the airline.
  • If you don’t find any option when changing an AA flight ticket, rebook the tickets to reach the destination.
  • The airline provides you a free rebooking if it can’t find an alternate flight once your scheduled flight is canceled.

Please note that as per American Airlines rebooking policy, flight rebooking is subject to charges. So, contact a customer service representative to know about the charges and availability. They are just a call away.

What is The 15-minute Rebooking Policy for AA Missed Flights?

When you are flying with AA, you are always covered with its customer-friendly approaches. One of these is the 15-minute rebooking policy if you have missed your flight. As per this policy, you can reach your destination without any further delay even if you arrive late at the airport.

So, American Airlines cares enough for its passengers and ensures to rebook a flight to the next one. Make sure to avail of this feature, you reach within  the airport 15 minutes.

How to Rebook a Flight Ticket on American Airlines?

Now you know the rules or terms and conditions that AA has set for flight rebooking. It’s time to see how to rebook one. However, before that, you should know what you need to have to begin with the process.

  • Your Record Locator, which is the 6-character confirmation
  • Your ticket number

To know where you can find the Record Locator, look for it in your confirmation email that AA sends you after your American Airlines booking for the journey. The ticket numbers of AA flights begin with 001 and have 13 digits.

For ticket number, you can look in your –

  • Cancellation email
  • Confirmation email after you have purchased your ticket (see Receipt)
  • Credit card statement (check the reference number next to the amount paid)
  • Receipt from Airport / City Ticket Office (see the ticket’s mid-bottom)

Please note that for add-on services such as baggage, seats, and any upgrades, ticket numbers are separate.

Steps to Rebook a Canceled Trip

After you know about checking the requirements before rebooking your flight ticket on an AA flight, here are the steps to follow –

  • Open the official website of AA.
  • Choose Manage trips / Check-in.
  • Select View canceled trips.
  • Enter your trip details, such as your first name, last name, and booking reference number.
  • Find your trip (your Flight Credit details are on the page – Your trip).
  • Find a new flight to proceed with the American Airlines rebook flight.
  • Once you are redirected to the payment page, add the Flight Credit.
  • Apply for the credit after you have entered the ticket number from the canceled one. If there is some more amount to be paid, use your credit card for the same.
  • Select the payment option on the payment page and complete it.
  • After the process completion, the airline sends you a confirmation email with the booking reference.

If you need assistance regarding your rebooking process, you can call the Reservations. The service is available on 1-800-433-7300, the American Airlines customer care service number.

What is The Fee for AA Flight Rebooking?

Depending on your fare type and the destination chosen, the airline charges you a rebooking fee. You need not pay anything if you have a refundable ticket. If your ticket is non-refundable, you might have to pay up to $750.

Other Methods to Connect with an AA Customer Service Representatives for Assistance

Apart from online booking and getting in touch with an American Airline customer service executive, you can resort to the following ways –

Live Chat

This is the quickest way to connect with a representative. For this, all you have to do is visit the official website and mention your query in the chat box. As soon as your chat is sent, a representative attends to your concern.


You can also send your Reebok flight request to the airline by drafting it and sending it to the official email ID of the airline. Once a representative checks it, you will get a revert on it.

Social Media Channels

Another approach to reach out to the airline is to visit its social media channels. Visit the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn of American Airlines. Send a DM or comment on any of its relevant posts. A representative will reply as soon as possible.

Send Text Message

To send a message to the airline, you can type the word HELP and send it as a text message to FLYAA (35922).

NewsFlash! AA Prevents Ticket Rebooking for Lower Fares

Here is the latest American Airlines rebooking policy update. Previously, the airline provided you with travel funds if your next flight to be rebooked was cheaper than the original one. AA has updated its conditions of carriage contract that has prohibited automated reshopping of tickets by you, your agent, or an authorized third party.

AA defines its automated shopping as the use of a robotic or automated process of re-booking a ticket for the same passenger and itinerary on American with the purpose of taking advantage of a reduced fare where there is no change fee payable to American for the administrative costs of the re-booking.

In Conclusion

Therefore, before you start with the American Airlines rebook flight process, refer to its policy, fee, and other guidelines mentioned above. With the prompt assistance of the customer service representatives, you will have a seamless experience and fly at your convenience.

With the smart help of the experts at the airline, you won’t face any hassle in rebooking your flight ticket. You can call on the helpline number around the clock to get help whenever you need it regarding booking and rebooking your tickets. Just dial teh number, get connected to an executive, and get your flight rebooked in a finger snap.

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