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Get Hold of American Airlines

American Airlines Wait Times- How Long Do I Need to Be On Hold?

You call your airline for help but hear a rather irritable sound or continuous music in between the sentence, “We are trying to reach an available customer service agent; please be on hold!” The scene is no different with AA. Many people have the same query why is it so hard to get a hold of american airlines customer service, but no one knows the exact solution?

Hold times are something that put off customers. In other words, it makes them detach from your services. Sometimes a live person at American Airlines even takes more than 8 hours to respond, which is even longer than their usual 5-8 hours of hold.

If you are also wondering How long I need to be on hold before an American Airlines expert connects, read this article until the end.

Why Does American Airlines Put You on Hold?

There are several reasons your call is put on hold, but the most relevant case is the increased demand and lesser supply. To be precise, the number of travelers on a daily average is way more than the available American airline agents at that time. This makes it hard for the airline to manage everyone’s query at the same time. That is why they put some calls on hold.

  • In a nutshell, the increased call volumes are the most significant reason people are on hold before they can talk to an American Airlines agent and get a good answer.
  • Also, calling during peak hours is a major option if they do not get a response on time. Peak hours mean more crowded airports, making fewer agents available for your call.

Well, Emergencies never come announced, and with so many customers, these many emergencies are a thing. So, the agents are usually unavailable, and you need to be on wait.

Why are AA Wait Times So Long?

Now that you know why airlines put you on hold, the other concern is that this wait time is way longer than expected. According to a survey of 1000s of customers, the American Airlines customer Support Representative sometimes put you on hold for almost five to eight long hours. But why so?

Waiting on a call is not a piece of cake, and here’s the reason you still have to:

  • The agent of the concerned department is not available at the customer service desk at that time.
  • There is an increased number of callers, and the total agents currently available are not able to handle them all.
  • The flight got canceled due to the weather reports, and there is no available report for further airline decisions. The reps make you wait until they have a valid response.

Read on if you do not want to wait and be in the hassle of a long hold. We got you some tips to be quick and about for solving your concerns.

How to Avoid The Long Wait & Hold on American Airlines Customer Service?

Wait and Hold is not something that everyone likes to face. If you also want to skip the wait and get in touch with the American Airlines representatives quicker, you just need some tricks.  To avoid the long wait & hold on American Airlines customer service, here’s what you can do:

  • You can call early in the morning, as most people sleep during that time, giving you a higher chance of speaking to an American Airlines en Español or English agent.
  • Choose the option for a callback and let the airline agents call you instead of the wait & hold process.
  • Use the American Airlines official site to chat with a live representative instead of calling.
  • If you are a TrueBlue member, you can use your AAdvantage elite status to connect directly through that hotline.

These simple tips will let you skip the wait & hold and get in touch with an american airlines agent faster than ever. So, why are you still waiting? Pick up your phones and call right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the hold times so long for American Airlines?

Longer hold times on phone calls are a situation everyone faces these days. American airline has huge call volumes, which has made it difficult for passengers to get in touch, and the hold times have turned longer.

How do I talk to a real person at American Airlines?

To talk to a real person at American Airlines, you need to call the American Airlines phone number and follow the IVR menu. You can also use live chat or social media options to speak with an American Airlines agent.

How long does American Airlines put you on hold on?

If you are putting your flight on hold, American airline gives you a 24-hour timeline to decide and fully pay for your ticket. However, the wait times for phone calls usually last 5-8 hours and sometimes longer than you expect. While ticket holds give passengers more time to confirm their air travel, the wait & hold times on call are quite a hassle for them.

How to get through to American Airlines fast?

To quickly get through American Airlines, dial their phone number and use your AAdvantage status to connect to a dedicated team. Alternatively, you can use live chat or social media to connect with experts.

What is the best time to call American Airlines?

Many surveys and news reports have claimed that the best time to call an airline and avoid the wait & hold is during the morning. Before noon, the call times usually take lesser than in the afternoon. So, it’s better if you can call around 2 am and up to 12 pm.

How Is It So Hard to Get Hold of American Airlines? | Customer Service

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