How To Reschedule A Flight On American Airlines?


Have you come across a situation when you can’t stick to your original travel plans and have to modify your AA flight? No worries. With American Airlines reschedule flight approach, you can easily rebook or change your booking. Moreover, the airline has a well-devised policy for rescheduling a flight, making things streamlined for you. So, with AA, you can be worry-free as it allows you to reschedule your flight easily. To make things smooth for you, here are the steps to reschedule your flight, the fee on it, and the policy underlying. So, let’s start with it.

What is The American Airlines Reschedule Policy?

To help you make your flight rescheduling more convenient, AA has designed a smart reschedule policy. Let’s have a look at its highlights –

  • When you are traveling with pets on American Airlines and want to change your flight, select their booking and make flight modifications accordingly.
  • Check your baggage restrictions while changing your AA flight.
  • The airline has waived the flight change fees for some domestic and all international flights.
  • If your new flight ticket costs more than the original one, pay the fare difference. However, if your new flight ticket is cheaper, AA will give you a travel credit for future flight bookings.
  • You can reschedule your flight for free only if you do it 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • If AA cancels your flight, you can reschedule it without any extra charges.

Here are some more insights into American Airlines reschedule flight policy to help you understand it better –

Long-Haul International Tickets

You can modify long-haul tickets (excluding Basic Economy) for free. These are for flights that originate in North America or South America.

Domestic and Short-Haul International Tickets

The airline doesn’t charge you for domestic and short-haul international flights within the United States. However, Basic Economy tickets are excluded from this free flight modification.

Award Tickets

If you have an award ticket, AA allows you to swap it with a free/redeposit fee. You will get the value of your award ticket deposited into your AA account. And you can use it to book your flight later on.

Refundable Tickets

With American Airlines, you can rebook, modify, or postpone your flight for free if you have a refundable ticket.

Non-Refundable Tickets

One-time flight rebooking or modification is free on AA domestic flights with this ticket type. However, Basic Economy tickets don’t qualify for this.

New 15-Minute Rebooking

The airline has introduced a new clause in its policy for those who get late and miss their flight. For the convenience of their passengers, AA has come up with this smart approach. Thereby, facilitating the flyers who have missed their flight by 15 minutes. Thus, the name – 15-minute rebooking.

Here are the highlights of this policy –

  • AA allows travelers to go for this booking at no extra cost.
  • This new American Airlines reschedule policy confirms customers instantly on the next available flight for free. However, they should reach the airport within 15 minutes after flight departure.

Note: You can book only segments of AA this way. Partner airlines’ segments don’t allow it.

How Can I Reschedule an American Airlines Flight?

To reschedule or rebook your flight with AA, you can call an official customer representative at 800‑433‑7300 or 646-974-1422 to get prompt assistance.

Make sure that when you are prepared with an American Airlines flight reschedule, keep the following handy –

  • Your 6-character confirmation (Record Locator)
  • Your ticket number

You can find your ticket number in your –

  • Confirmation or cancellation email
  • Credit card statement
  • Airport / City Ticket Office receipt

Note: AA ticket numbers begin with 001 and have a total of 13 digits. Add-ons such as bags, preferred seats, or upgrades have separate ticket numbers.

Now let’s see how to reschedule an American Airlines flight –

1. Visit the Official Website

  • Select Manage trips / Check-in.
  • Choose View canceled trips.
  • Enter the details of your trip.

2. Find Your Trip

On Your Trip page, the details of your Flight Credit are displayed.

3. Make Payment

  • You will be redirected to the payment screen.
  • Select ‘Add Flight Credit.’
  • Apply the credit after you have entered the ticket number from your canceled trip.
  • If there is an amount remaining to be paid, pay it with your credit card.

If you need any help further with rebooking, get in touch with a representative at Reservations.

How much does it Cost to Reschedule an AA Flight?

On average, when you reschedule a flight on American Airlines, you have to shell out up to $750.

  • Refundable ticket – None
  • Non-refundable ticket –  $250-$750 (domestic and international)

Note: The exact amount of rescheduling an AA flight is determined by your flight ticket schedule and the region you are traveling to. Confirm the updated flight reschedule fee with the airline before going for it.

Can I Reschedule My American Flight for Free?

If you have booked a flight ticket with an unrestricted fare, you can reschedule/change your AA flight for free. However, it depends on the availability of seats. Although you might have to pay an additional fare.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, you can go with American Airlines reschedule flight in just a few clicks. Alternatively, contact the airline’s customer/reservation representative and get the assistance required in time. Apart from the online method and talking to an executive to do it for you, tourists can look for help through the airline’s chat or email service.

Therefore, if you have to change or cancel your flight on AA, go with rescheduling the flight on AA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reschedule my basic economy flight with American Airlines?

No, if you have purchased a Basic Economy ticket, American Airlines doesn’t allow you to change your domestic flight.

Does American Airlines allow me to change my flight departure date?

Yes, American Airlines facilitates you to modify your flight’s departure date. Simply, visit its official website to do it online or call its customer service team to get it done.

How To Reschedule A Flight On American Airlines?

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