American Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

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You were excited to set off on your AA flight. However, a situation arose all of a sudden and you have to travel at another hour of the same day. Are you wondering what to do? Don’t worry. With American Airlines same day flight change service, you can book another flight the same day. This helps you stay with your original travel plans with a difference of a few hours.

Thereby, you can attend to the situation and get another flight within a short notice before the scheduled departure of that flight. Moreover, AA has kept the flight change process simple and flexible. By doing so, the airline caters to the travelers as per their requirements.  So, go through the account that follows and grab more information about changing American Airlines flights on the same day, how to change, fees for flight change, and more.

Same Day Flight Change American Airlines – Terms and Conditions

Do you have to change your flight same day? With American Airlines, you can change your flight the same-day.

However, it is done on select flights and you have to pay an amount for it. But there are some exceptions when you have to change flight with American Airlines on the same day.

Let’s have a look at the terms and conditions that you have to abide by –

Your changed flight must:

  • Be from American Airlines or American Eagle
  • According to the original ticket, landing and take off airports must be the same
  • Comprise the same number of stops on the way, at the same airports

You must also remember that:

  • Standby is free.
  • For an earlier flight, any passenger can stand by. However, for same-day later flights only the AAdvantage members are eligible.
  • You can be on American Airlines standby for same day flight change as per the availability on select flights.
  • If you are traveling with an AA partner airline, you can go for a same-day change or stand by. See your trip, using your AA confirmation number.

How to Change an AA Flight on the Same Day?

For your convenience, here are the simple steps to request American Airlines same-day change or standby –

  • Visit Your Trips on the official website of AA or in its app.
  • Alternatively, visit an airport ticket counter or the self-service kiosk.
  • Another way to change your flight on the same day is to get in touch with the Reservations team of the airline.
  • Pay a fee for the change, if required.
  • You get a new boarding pass and receipt, once you check-in.

Please note

  • You have to select the flight for the same calendar day, but it should match the original flight ticket.
  • You are not allowed for same day flight change with American Airlines on its long-haul flights.
  • First or Business Class passengers can make the same-day flight change for free.
  • If you have a Basic Economy ticket, you are not eligible to make changes at a kiosk. To do so, visit the official website, app, or ticket counter.

How Much Same Day Flight Change American Airlines Costs?

You have to pay a small amount as a fee if you are making same-day changes on your flight with American Airlines. The amount to be paid depends on the factors that include –

  • New flight booked on the departure date, the same as the previous flight.
  • Arrival and departure airports are the same.
  • Reservations are done through American Airlines and its hubs.

Now let’s have an overview of the American Airlines same day flight change fee –

Changing within the Risk-Free Window

Changing flight booking within its 24 hours is the risk-free period. You need not pay anything within this window.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights allow American Airlines same day flight change for free. AA offers benefits to its AAdvantage elite members with flight changes.

International Flights

AA travelers of first, business, premium, and economy classes are exempted from change fees.

Same-day flight change

Select flights offer same-day flight changes for a $75 fee. Meanwhile, same-day flight changes between New York (JFK) and London (LHR) will incur a $150 fee. Customers can stand by for a same-day flight for free within the U.S., to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Is The Same-Day Flight Change Fee Refundable?

When you have to pay a fee for certain services, you want to know if you can be exempted from it or get a refund. Are you curious to know if your fee is refundable for this AA feature? If you have to change AA flight same day, check with the airline’s representatives to find out if you are eligible for a refund.

And remember that the fee is non-refundable unless the airline:

  • Cancels your new flight
  • Can’t allocate you a seat because the flight is full
  • Delays your incoming flight
  • Makes you miss your connecting flight

How to Avoid Flight Change Fees with American Airlines?

If you want to save money on flight change fees on AA, make sure to change your flight within 24 hours of booking it. Beyond that you must pay the change fee. However, you can avoid paying American Airlines change flight fee in the following ways –

  • Be watchful of the scheduled changes.
  • The reason for your flight change must be valid enough for the airline to waive off your change fee.
  • AA allows free flight changes to its Elite status holders.
  • Purchase your flight ticket with a credit card and redeem points to get a discount.
  • Carefully check the flight change policy of the airline.

In Conclusion

Thus, changing your flight ticket while flying with American Airlines is quick and simple. If you want further information, just dial the American airlines change flight phone number – 800-433-7300 and talk to a customer service representative. For detailed information about American Airlines same day flight change, visit AA’s official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Airlines flight change policy?

As per AA flight change policy, travelers can change their flight within 24 hours of booking without change fee. Pay the fare difference for the new flight ticket booked. AA refunds the balance if the new flight ticket costs less than the original one.

What if same day flight change is not available on American Airlines?

If same-day flight change is unavailable on American Airlines, go for standby on the same day to book a seat on an AA flight.

How many times can you change an AA flight for free?

You can change your flight for free just once on AA.

American Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

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