How Far in Advance Can I Book on American Airlines?

Know How Far in Advance Can I Book on American Airlines

Eager to visit your dream destination, you have planned your trip with American Airlines beforehand. That’s why, you are looking forward to booking your flight much in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. Also, it helps you pick your favorite seats. So, you must know how far in advance can I book on American Airlines for a streamlined process.

You can book your flight tickets in advance as much as 331 days before its scheduled departure. AA allows you advance booking with cash in miles at your convenience. Moreover, you can also get available awards before those are sold out. So, in this piece of writing, let’s see when you can book AA flight tickets in advance.

How Far in Advance Can I Book on American Airlines if I Pay Cash?

If you are paying for your tickets in cash, your advance booking period must be –

  • 1 to 4 months for domestic flights
  • At least 6 months for international flights

Take good time in researching well for international flights as compared to your domestic trips with AA flights. Since you are paying in cash, thoroughly check to grab a deal or discounted fares. So, when you wonder about how far in advance can I book tickets on American Airlines, make bookings as per domestic and international trips.

Should I Make Reservations when Flight Bookings Open?

No, you shouldn’t. Although, you might come across awards that are available only when the booking window opens, resist the temptation. Availability of awards keeps on changing. This is because spaces keep adding or removing on the flights. Moreover, travelers purchase their flight tickets and change or cancel their bookings.

So if you don’t find a flight that you are searching for, continue with your search.

Please note

When it comes to how far in advance can I book on American Airlines, remember that you can’t purchase AA tickets until the airline you are –

  • Booking with its miles or points
  • Traveling on open award bookings

Can I Make a Booking with Award Tickets?

To go ahead with award tickets, it is important to know when the booking window opens. This is more important if you want to go ahead with a premium cabin travel. However, availability of award seats can’t be assured when the booking window opens. So, it is best to purchase your tickets as soon as the booking begins.

Now you know how far in advance can I book on American Airlines, but it is imperative to note that –

  • The booking window for award tickets opens with revenue ticket reservations.
  • To grab the best deal on your flight ticket booking, look for the same ahead of time.
  • You can’t book AA flights until both the airlines – one you are booking with your miles/points and the other airline you are flying on have opened their award bookings for your date of travel.
  • To do so, you must know the process to redeem American Express Membership Rewards for maximum value.

How Far in Advance Can I Go For an Award Booking?

Are you planning to purchase your flight tickets with awards? American Airlines allows you to book awards starting from 331 days and before 2 hours of the scheduled departure of your flight. Make sure that when you are purchasing your advance flight ticket with your AA reward program miles/points, select premium seats.

In Conclusion

You can book revenue and award flights through famous airline programs when going for a reservation in advance. For convenient booking on an AA flight, it is good to abide by the guidelines mentioned on its official website. So, when the question pops up in your mind – how far in advance can I book on American Airlines, look up to the 331 days period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to book tickets on another airline if I prefer traveling with one?

Several airlines are members of an airline alliance that include Star Alliance, Sky Team, and Oneworld. Booking a ticket on one of these means you will be flying with it or any of its partners. As American Airlines and British Airways are the Oneworld members, you can use Avios points to book a British Airways award from Miami (MIA) to Atlanta (ATL).

Can I book my flight tickets before the booking window opens?

No, you can’t purchase your flight tickets before reservations are available. However, you can earn rewards that are otherwise not found easily. Also the availability of awards changes sooner than you can imagine. It is because customers book and cancel their reservations and the airline adds and removes spaces. So, when you don’t immediately find what you were looking for, continue searching. And don’t forget to visit the AA official website for it.

How Far in Advance Can I Book on American Airlines?

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